What You Crave

by The Riot Scene

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The second effort from The Riot Scene


released April 3, 2012

Recorded by Adam Gibbs, Eric Braun, & Erik Salinas. Mixed & Mastered by Dave Hawkins.



all rights reserved


The Riot Scene Austin, Texas

The Riot Scene is a four piece post punk rock band from Austin Tx. The music is fueled by passion and energy with the intent to deliver it live. They have been told they have a knack for hitting their songs hard and aggressive with addicting lyrics.

We are currently finishing up some new recordings that we will be sharing here. We are also hitting 2013 HARD. See you out there.
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Track Name: Concrete Boots
You can't be everywhere at once.
It's just not possible
You can't save both of them tonight.
Which one will you let die?
The bay is 3 hours away
The city takes a day.
Better run while you can.

Now you see me now you don't
Let's see if concrete boots can float.
And if you don't open your eyes
Next stop will be your paradise.

Your drowning faster all goes black
Pray for a heart attack!
Your hands are tied behind your back
Concrete around your feet.
You died to young you will be missed.
Sink into the abyss
Track Name: What You Crave
Call me I have the fix you need
Sit back relax watch your eyes bleed
First rounds on me
Next times not free.
You'll find your peace it's guaranteed
Please take your seat this high is clean.
So hot its cold, ten billion sold.

Hands Down, this town has lost its way
We've seen better days

We got it, and you want it
You need it oh so bad it hurts.
We've got what you crave
Replace it, but don't waste it
Lets face it your already gone!
We've got what you crave.

Don't try to walk away from me
You'll take two steps and come running.
I am those things.
That haunt your dreams.
You just can't quit it's in your blood
give into it and just let go.
Enjoy this time, that your alive!
Track Name: A Day Of Rage
Well we've got about an hour to go
And when we're done we're gonna tear it up.
Baby you just give the word.
Yeah the clock is ticking so slow
Every minutes like lifetime.
Baby you don't wanna know.

No they don't get it and they never will.
We all gotta day of rage to kill.

Yeah they cut down all your satellites
I've never seem Cairo so fucking
Crazy maybe we're next to go.
Yeah let's douse the streets in gasoline.
We'll ignite their frozen hearts just
Maybe we'll change history.

No they don't get it and they never will
We all got a day of rage to kill.

This is no conspiracy this is your reality.
Before the sirens sound the call
Get on the roof watch these
Empires fall!
Track Name: Falling
I'm Feeling watered down
Walking the streets tonight.
Searching for the strength
To carry on this fight.
You can't always win
But your not prepared to lose.
Flick breath in sweet release.

Breath in breath out repeat.
There words don't change a thing.

I am damaged goods
Feel like a runaway.
When desperation hits
There's nothing left to say.
And this is how it goes.
Its been real its been fun.
Flick breathe in sweet release.

Breath in breathe out repeat.
There words don't change a thing.
So baby won't you tell me some good news
Yeah darling i got nothing left to lose
Tell me that you'll stay.
I can't face the day alone.

A lonely soul like mine.
Standing over my father's grave.
What would they preach?
The broken and the damned.
Would they take a chance?
Would they make ammens?
Track Name: Will We Carry on
You can see their fire
Burning Brighter
By the second as they march for their cause
(Take back your life)
We need a prayer
To our saviour
Whomever that will be tonight
Tell me who you are tonight
Tell me who you are

Will we carry on
With all our hope gone
This night is all wrong
Try to hold on
Will we carry on
When all our hope is gone

Now their time has come
They are rising up
Out of the Valley as they kick down your door
(Hate, we can't take it)
They can't hear
And God can't see
The destruction they've constructed here tonight
Show me where you are tonight
Show me where you are

We can't all know where this will go
Try to hold
Let's take this road and follow it home
We are reckless and young
We walked with Zombies counting down
The time we had before their bite
We lost the fight
Take back your life
Track Name: Killer Party
Our passion makes us hungry
It also holds us back.
Just like that killer party
We got drunk and attacked.
You can't tell me how to live.
Beat me down I'm not changing.
You take and get what'd you expect.

Is this what you meant
When you said I'm already dead
Is this what you had in mind?
The stories you heard about the world
Are much darker than you were told
Is this what you thought you'd find?

Then the party started turning
As my knuckles started to bleed.
The suits and ties are fucked.
The riot moved onto the streets.
And you can't tell me how to live.
Beat me down I'm not changing.
You take and get what'd you expect.

And what if we survive?
What's your best advice?
Should we stay, watch everybody slip away.
Or should we go, quietly on our own.